Obviously re-constructing is a slower process than demolition.  But we had a small milestone yesterday – our new, larger window, presented here side-by-side with what was there before.

Kitchen-rehab-7 kitchen-rehab-8

You can se that it’s about the same width, but taller, with the extra transom panel on top. 

The kitchen is along the north side of the house.  It has always been dark.  The new window is already bringing in considerably more light.  And being on the north side, it will never be a conduit for the direct blast of the summer sun’s heat.

Not sure what’s on tap today, but it’s fun to come home and see the progress each evening.

2 responses

  1. How fascinating to watch the transformation! So much more fun watching your kitchen become a thing of beauty and utility instead of being in the midst of the dust and disruption. We were very happy to have done the thing, but the constant influx of dust, (and plaster dust has a most unpleasant ability to resist attempts to clean it), dirt and grit is quite trying at times.

    1. I know what you mean. There are a couple of little pinholes in view above the baseboard trim of the staircase adjacent to the kitchen. There’s a little spray of white dust fanning out below each. And a light coating on everything we own. I’m happy to not have wall to wall carpet or heavy drapes. The mother of all spring cleanings will surely follow project completion!

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