Many years ago, when Elder Offspring was small, Lotus Development (her dad’s employer) offered a spring break day camp for employees’ children. The Boston Globe covered the new benefit, and posted an article with photos of the camp’s day trip to the Boston Museum of Science.

She taped the page on her door, with big label in red crayon that read “I AM FAMIS!.”

I recently found that page, minus the sheet of notebook paper with the annotation.

Well, now I am FAMIS, too.

Brinda Gill interviewed me a while back for this article, posted today to the Selvedge Magazine’s blog.

I am very grateful to Brinda, but still parsing the feels about tooting my own horn.

5 responses

  1. Link isn’t working. Looks like there’s a typo in the url.

    1. Thanks for the alert. The magazine’s blog blocks direct access links. I’ve posted a reformatted one to sidestep that problem. It should work now.

  2. Loved reading the article. Toot your own horn anytime! You have done a lot to inspire and teach people on this site.

  3. That was a nice write up! Go ahead and toot your horn, you’ve earned it. It’s when people start being an entire marching band that gets a bit much.

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