Off tomorrow to assist Younger Offspring’s migration to a new apartment. After graduation comes employment – in this case, done remote from home. And the current place (above a bar on a main street) was not quite as conducive to quiet productivity as might be desired.

The spawn is past the years when Mom-rescue is needed. I’ll not be schlepping furniture, but trusty company and someone with a van plus tons of laundry baskets in which to transport house plants will be appreciated. As a result I’ll be mostly off line until late in the holiday weekend.

Oh. And while Mom-rescue isn’t on the performance list, Mom-pride is. I gotta show off. The artwork here is Younger Offspring’s – a few quick pieces dashed off to frame the perfect moving mindset.

7 responses

  1. The artwork is awesome!

  2. I love the artwork! So happy.

  3. It is!

    I lived above a bar during my junior year, at the corner of Moody and Myrtle St. UGH.

    1. While Gordon’s, Tiki House, and Angelo’s Pizza are still across the street, your side of Moody/Myrtle is now split between an upscale condos-above-retail block, and a building with a hair salon and vacant storefront (probably the next old building slated for demolition and replacement).

      1. Angelo’s Pizza was there when I was, but not Tiki House.

        That vacant storefront was a furniture store, I believe.

  4. The pictures are marvelous. I would buy prints.

  5. Love these – they have wonderful life and movement. You are a talented family!

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