At long last it’s done! My Eyeball Bolster Cushion is fully assembled, with zipper installed, and pulled up around the custom cushion form I built for it.

Obviously this isn’t the sofa for which it is destined. That’s a mid-century modern low-back piece, in black, resident in Younger Offspring’s apartment. But you can get the scale of it on my rather more traditional living room couch.

I’m very glad that I was not recorded during the shimmy dance required to get the thing into final configuration. But it’s done. I am especially happy that the modesty panels work so well in keeping everything flat and level. I don’t expect the cover to rotate around the inner bolster because the outer shape is so well corseted. The corners are crisp, and the I-Cord piping join around the two large face edges pops nicely.

To be fair, there were a couple of hiatus weeks on this piece, especially in the past month. I savaged my fingers hand stitching the zipper onto the short side flap, and had to wait for a bit of healing before I could finish. All told, I began this on Halloween 2022, and finished yesterday. That’s a week shy of five months to crochet all 128 motifs, join them into sides with slip stitch, hand stitch the cover onto the inner foam slab, hem the modesty panels and stitch them to the assembled sides, join the sides with knit I-Cord, install the zipper, and stuff the cushion inside the assembled cover.

Not the longest tenure project I’ve done so far, but certainly the longest duration crochet piece I’ve ever attempted.

Now on to other things, with a pair of mindless socks in between for decompression and to allow time to contemplate what that next thing will be…

Oh, and I almost forgot. Motif designed by Christine Anne Melvin, Granny’s Eye Granny Square!

10 responses

  1. I love following your creations! This is certainly trophy worthy for creativity and skill!!

  2. Stunning finish. The shimmy might have been fun to see

  3. I think it’s wonderful! ✨✨✨

  4. This is so perfect for a mid century modern piece of
    Furniture; bravo for giving Andy Worhol a run for the money!

  5. Well Done! I’d say you, your brain, and your fingers deserve a break to decompress with something simpler.
    Speaking of big projects – did your basement renovation get completed? Or is it still a work in progress – which would not surprise me what with delays due to price/worker/supply woes many have run into the last couple of years.

    1. Thanks! Yes, we finally added the last couple of elements to the basement. And I’ve been tardy in posting photos. I’ll take some over the weekend and remedy.

  6. Well done, you! You seem to have resolved all the issues you’d anticipated. I have to confess I was concerned about “stuffing” it from the end, but I had faith you’d manage it one way or another. It really is quite cool and I would love to see it on its final mid-century resting place.

    1. Slow and steady, plus a lot of wiggling, shaking, and shimmy worked. The fallback was on a second try, to wrap the cushion in the flimsy plastic bags from the dry cleaner, then once it was in place, yank really hard to burst them and withdraw the shards. But I didn’t have to resort to that.

      I do hope to eventually post pix of the cushion in its intended resting spot, but that will have to wait until I get a chance to drive out and deliver it in person, and gain the cooperation and consent of Younger Spawn, who has to agree to photo-document actual living space for public perusal. I intend to offer bribes and apply tongue-in-cheek maternal guilt, but in the end, that call belongs entirely to Spawn, not me.

  7. I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s so cool!

  8. […] making the big eyeball cushion and then these little crocheted cotton eyeball appliques abstracted from the big cushion, yesterday […]

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