I’m here but I’m not. Cut off from Real Communications, I’ve stored a couple of advance-dated posts. If you see this it’s because I’m running on autopilot, and have not had time to revisit these pages and do a proper write-up. In the mean time, here’s entertainment.

Crazy Raglan

That’s proceeding apace, too. I’ve now done about eleven inches of both the front and back. It’s hard to see because of the stockinette curl, but each is about 15 inches wide, making a total garment circumference of 30 inches, give or take. I like the wide stripes and the sort of strange seam down the front. Not for me, mind you, but for a six-year old it’s playful and fun:

Now, here’s something to which I wasn’t paying attention. When I do my Intarsia twist where the two yarn strands meet at the center front, I must be twisting in opposite directions on the knit and purl side. Instead of a little "barber pole" twist down the center, I’ve produced what looks like a column of purls, seen sideways:

My "seam" looks good from the front, and isn’t spreading or distending oddly when stretched, but it is definately different. Not less satisfactory or wrong – just different. Anyone have any feedback/experience with this?non-standard Intarsia join??

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