I’m here but I’m not. Cut off from Real Communications, I’ve stored a couple of advance-dated posts. If you see this it’s because I’m running on autopilot, and have not had time to revisit these pages and do a proper write-up. In the mean time, here’s entertainment.

Filet of Dragon

This one is munching along, too. I’ve done some gauge squares with Size 30 cotton, and crochet hooks of various sizes that I could obtain locally and quickly. The two smallest are:

  • Marked "Susan Bates US #10/1.15mm
  • Marked "Boye US #11/1.10mm

Now the Bates needle, though marked as being larger has a shaft and hook that is noticeably smaller than the Boye. I’m using that one, and with #30 cotton am now getting about 10 meshes across the row = 2.25", 10 rows = 2.1". The stuff still looks leggy to me, but I doubt I’ll be able to find a smaller hook before I head out on vacation (did I mention that mid-move complication?)

Here’s my swatch, taken over no particular pattern of voided and filled meshes. I was practicing technique, deciding how I want to work into the stitches of the rows below, and whether or not I liked the look of crocheting into the open mesh instead of into the chain for filled meshes that appear on top of voided ones.

The lower, leggier, looser?part was worked on the Boye faux #11; the upper?tighter part?on the Bates #10. My working method was the same, I made no effort to work more or less loosely, and the difference is VERY evident. Go figure…

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