Just a quick post today. I’m running around shepherding my kid to an awards ceremony (her poster was singled out in a competition run by the regional water authority); and getting ready for The Other Daughter’s birthday party this weekend. May is birthday dense in this house, with both girls and I all inhabiting the last couple of weeks of the month. It’s hectic to say the least.

I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more written about Alcazar on the Web. I suspect it’s because its photo doesn’t display as well in small format. For example, the outer edging on the sample piece is done in a darker color yarn. It’s difficult to see. As a result it hasn’t attracted as much attention as its showier sisters. While I’m sure that lots of other people have knit it, I suspect that I might be among the first to blog about it. So far it’s quick. I’m another iteration of the base pattern into the thing. I suspect that mine will be considerably smaller than the five-foot diameter piece one gets by using the recommended yarn and needle size. But no matter…

No progress today on Rogue. I’m still waiting for those golden moments needed to decipher where the heck I am. Sigh.

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