I took the time this morning to slip some stitches onto an extra needle so you can see more progress than the usual red lump photo would show.

The clear patch of diamonds is part of the center panel. Above it is a row of "fountains" – a texture pattern also appearing in Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (p. 272). After that comes some garter stitch, and then six or so rows of the arches I spoke about yesterday. It’s hard to see them because the rows are bunched up against the needle.

But in taking this picture, there was a bit of heartbreak experienced:

See those blurry stitches still on the temporary needle?? They’ve laddered back between one and four rows – in the middle of one of the more complex sections of the pattern (the knitting equivalent of the bread always hitting the floor jam-side down.)? Obviously some reconstruction here is needed, as I have no intention of ripping back six 700-stitch rows on behalf of a measly five stitches. That possibility still exists if I can’t rescue them, but I always try before I punt and rip.

Needless to say, this is the last time I try photographic grandstanding with a lace project in process.

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