… that I’m not sylph-thin, and that I do finish wearables:

This rather blurry picture was taken by the 6-year old, which explains the
low center of reference and focus quality. (Bloggers have no shame, and willingly press even small children into service.) I’m tallish and some say intimidating, but not THAT tall or intimidating.

The item being worn is my Raiisa tee. So far I haven’t gotten a good photo of the thing, either on or off a wearer. I’ve provided the pattern but the charts for it are massive, and not for the faint of heart. I’m very pleased with the end product. Sausage arms and barrel body aside, it’s one of the more flattering summer knits in my closet.

As to the short lines, odd line breaks and general strange formatting here on String – I’m not quite sure what’s going on. Blog-City had a major upgrade earlier this week, and all sorts of minor things have gone awry. Please bear with me.

Several people have written to say that this photo doesn’t prove that I exist, as it could have been taken of any random headless person. I concur, and would be happy to continue to be just a figment of everyone’s imagination, except for this. (I suppose I should update that page, as the gnome is now finishing up first grade.)

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