Mostly working. It’s been an high pressure week, with Life encroaching on knitting time. As a result, I’m woefully behind on my commission, and have done no personal knitting at all.

After all my swatching work (unsuccessful), I am now forced to do the exact thing I wanted to avoid – winging it. Making the project up as I go along rather than sitting down to do a bit of rational planning. While winging it isn’t a problem on one-offs or things I am making for myself, in this case I have to write down detailed notes as I go because the outcome is to be not only the finished piece, but also an intelligible pattern. There are some shaping challenges here, too that are complicating matters. In effect, I am making a flat motif in the round that isn’t symmetrical. I have to control for an even rate of increase, and hope that after fulling I end up with a flat piece instead of Mt. Fuji.

The other annoyance is of course, texture. I have had excellent success producing a flat and ultra dense fabric by fulling garter stitch, but I did it using other yarns. This yarn fulls nicely, but not to the extent of the other yarns I had used before. I will sacrifice a bit of extra oomph and sturdiness for a sleeker, less corrugated finish.

But enough whining. It’s off to work, and after work – to droning away to finish my Mystery Project.

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