My deadline looms and I’m nowhere near done. Not even
close. I’ve even moved to mocking up with yarns other than the
one provided because I won’t have enough to finish the project

I have a tricky shape to create prior to fulling. I’ve tried
knitting flat with end row increases/decreases. I’ve tried
short-rowing to build my contours. Neither worked well. I’m now in the middle of
trying to knit a flat medallion, center-out, differing the increase points and rate of increase, plus adding
short rows (rounds actually) to deform the thing into the configuration
I want. So far this last method is producing the most shapely
results, but I fear that the written directions will be complicated to
follow. Here’s one sample round:

*K1, M1, K19, M1, K1*; slip marker; K1, M1, K4, M1, K28, M1, K4, M1, K1; slip marker; repeat ** once

No two rounds are alike, increase points migrate all over the place, and the logic of the
increase progression changes several times over the course of the piece.

To top it off, I haven’t gotten up to the fulling step yet. I
have no idea whether or not my complex shape will full into a nice flat
piece, or whether it will crumple up like a head of Boston

Frustration, frustration.

Maxim number one, repeat as necessary: If you knit for
relaxation, as an enjoyable way to escape a high pressure,
deadline-driven career, taking on a commission that’s also
deadline-bounded is a Bad Idea. Especially if unforeseen events and
major work-related responsibilities wolf down the majority of what you
thought was discretionary time at the outset of the assignment.

Kim’s Corollary:? Nothing knit under extreme time pressure ever turns out well.


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