Yes, with all the cookie baking some embroidery did get done:


Here you see the first strip pattern, further along than the last stitching-related post. But not too far. Time is after all a finite commodity.

I’m a bit over half done with this particular strip. The grape unit to the right in this picture is the center one, and will be complete. There will be another partial unit of the same size as the truncated right hand unit on the left.

I’m thinking of working the words in black, perhaps using more than one of the various vintage alphabets from Ramzi’s Patternmakercharts website. I’m thinking about several presentations for them, including doing each word in a different face, so that the final presentation looks a bit like a ransom note; or working each initial letter in one of the more demonstrative faces, but the rest of the letters in another simpler or lower case face; or working each line in a single face, but no two lines the same. I’m not sure yet what I’ll be doing, but there’s lots more grape leaf panel to stitch as I contemplate the problem.

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