As you can see, my voided grape strip is complete, and I’ve begun some of the lettering.


I’m using an embellished alphabet from Sajou #55, by way of Ramzi’s Patternmaker Charts website. Just to make life interesting, I’m working the tendrils that twine around the base letter forms in my crimson, and the letters themselves in black.

My plans are to march the letters across the piece, truncating words willy-nilly at the rightmost edge if they don’t fit, then continuing them on the next strip of lettering. For example, I will probably run out of room for the rest of “Sufficiently” before I get to my right hand margin, but I will finish out the word on the next line immediately below the grape panel. Words will be divided by little red ovals, as seen above between “Any” and the start of “Sufficiently.” I also intend to alternate patterned panels with letter bearing strips.

I like the way this is maturing. Now just to keep at it, both planning and execution, until all is done.

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