More progress on my latest sampler. As you can see, “sufficiently” doesn’t fit on one row. No problem. the “ly” will begin the row of lettering below the grape pattern. I intend on marking word breaks with the little red oval anyway. I’ll probably go back and fill in the small slice of space after the final T on the first row with an all black bit of patterning after all of the words are done.



For those who are keeping track, the quotation is “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

I’m planning my next non-letter strips – a rather dark one immediately above the existing top line of lettering, and something rather more narrow but probably not as dark below the just-begun row of lettering. I’m looking at both line unit and solid unit patterns, plus voided work and other forms of counted thread stitching. The more complex, the better of course, just to underscore the irony of using “old tech” to depict this particular thought. Among the sources I’m using are my own book, plus notes for my theoretical next one, and some on-line photos of voided work on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum. (The cited photo set was provided by the unknown keeper of the website. Thank you, unknown keeper!)

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