It must be exquisitely boring especially for knitters to tune in here and see slug like incremental progress on a non-knitting project. Even so, I ooze along:


I also note that this style of embroidery on the count doesn’t seem to be very popular right now, at least not among web-connected stitchers. I’ve been web-walking for a couple of days now, looking for inspiration to share, but found very little contemporary work, although I did find the historical artifact photos cited in my last post. I guess I’m just programmed to be doing something different – knitting before it became a fad, crocheting when everyone else was doing needlepoint, and am now off stitching obscure styles.

There are a few folk connected with the SCA with work or research that piques my interest and who readers here may find inspiring, too:

If you know of any pix of long-repeat works on the count, either voided (background filled) or stitched foreground, in monochrome or mixed colors – based on historical patterns or original – please feel free to post the links to them here in the comments so we can all oooh and aaaahhh.

Finally, if there’s enough interest, I’ll share some graphs of future pattern panels here, that aren’t available in TNCM.

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