As promised I return to the keyboard and post the fourth page of blackwork filling patterns. Again these are patterns originally published in my 1978 booklet, redrafted and re-issued here.


More thanks to those not mentioned yet who have offered encouragement and thanks, including (but not limited to) local Carolingian Ygraine; String readers TexAnne, Pam, twerp, Cailee, fourdny2, PamC, and Annanna; and Yahoo Blackwork Group members Sherry, Linda, Annabelle, Anita, Esther, Sharon, Gail, Millie, Nicole, Viv, Elspeth, Georgia, Susan, Audrey, Rebecca, Nancy, Heather-Joy, Gaz, Viji, Magda, Elizabeth, Sorcha, Isabella, Maria, Liadain, Jean, Millie, and Shirley. Apologies if I’ve left anyone out.

More tomorrow!

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