Page 5:


This is turning into quite a holiday present. I’ve now posted five pages (30 fillings), and because I’m continuing on to graph up other patterns I’ve improvised as I stitched my projects, plus others in my notebooks, I can safely say that I’ll be posting a page a day through the mid-December at the least. Possibly longer.

On today’s page you’ll see a couple of my favorites. #27 and #29 I’ve used again and again. I like the voided flowers formed by #27, and I like the movement in #29. #28 is also an old fave. That same spiraled band appears in all my booklets as a simple border, sometimes published with a corner. You can see it (with corner) on my ancient pre-SCA “Eve Was Framed” unfinished sampler, circa 1975 or so:


More about this old, unfinished piece here.

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