On to page 6. Remember – you can click on the page images to get a US letter size full page printable JPG. A PDF compendium of the whole set will be issued after the last page is posted here.


I’m also fond of #31, #34, and #35. #34 is calculated to drive you dizzy while stitching. It takes a bit to wrap the brain around the eccentric spacing on the repeat. But it’s worth it. I’ve used it dozens of times, sometimes with little crosses sporting a centered cross stitch when I wanted something more uniformly visually dense. I’m not wild about the interlace in #33. It’s too skinny, although at a distance (mocked up by the tiny thumbnail above) it looks better than it does close up.

If enough folk are interested, I’ll post an illustrated tutorial on using open source/free GIMP for this style of charting.

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