Here’s page 21:


Pattern book junkies will recognize #124 and #125. Yes, that’s Schonsperger’s acorns (1524) in #125. I’ve altered the scale of #124 to make it more compact for use as a fill.

Thanks to all who have sent me thank-you notes, posting here, on various chat forums, or by direct mail. It’s a delight to know that others are finding these patterns useful, and that delight is my chief motivator in sharing all of my patterns – stitching, crochet and knitting alike.

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  1. I’m sure you will do this in the final pamphlet as you did so well in the NCMB, but it’s always helpful to know which patterns are charted exactly from period examples and which are modifications or "in the style of" versions.

    From some other authors I’ve seen a lot of "in the style of" patterns with no labels, and I think it’s important not to confuse them with exact reproductions (or as exact as we can make them). I’d hate to see someone down the line use an "inspired by" version as documentation.

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