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Yes, more interlaces, and there are more to come, too. #119 appeared on my underskirt, but the others are new for this collection. #115 and #116 share a fundamental architecture. Try #116 either with the squared corners on the “in between” links, or with the softer edges resulting from a single diagonal stitch instead of the two that meet at right angles.

To echo Jenny, who posted on the Blackwork Yahoo group – simple geometrics are simple geometrics. They transcend any one craft. People who quilt; who build mosaics, marquetry or stained glass; or who crochet, knit or weave will all recognize commonality in these designs. I sincerely hope to see some wholesale cross-pollination here, with folk reporting back that they’ve found inspiration in this pattern collection for all sorts of uses I never imagined.

Use one of these designs in your original piece? I’d love to see it. I always enjoy seeing what my pattern “children” are up to out there in the wide, wide world.

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