Yes, I’m still working on my long green sampler. Both of the patterns below will be in TNCM2:

Thanks to the Montenegrin book I’ve been able to do all those twisty, bendy parts where diagonals meet horizontals or verticals. It was a lifesaver! I really like this interlace. You’ll note by comparing my piece with the original below that my ground cloth is off square – not quite even weave. So it goes. I’m working that distortion into my pattern selection and placement.

“Strip,” Metropolitan Museum of Art, Accession 79.1.13. 17th century, Italy, possibly Sicily

It’s very hard to see, but it looks like there might have been spangles in the empty spaces between the internal curlicues. There may be a spangle in the upper left (better seen at the full photo at the link), where the work is the least damaged, plus some evidence of now empty holding stitches, and some corrosion aligning with where the spangles would have been. This pattern would make a killer coif or all-over sleeve panel with spangles there, and maybe a few more replacing the little four box free floating squares. I’m thinking of working it in black and gold with spangles for a modern envelope clutch style evening bag.

In any case, that strip is now done and I’m on to the next – a rather complex urn and branch with a very dark and solid background. It’s going to take a lot of stitching to cover all that real estate in long armed cross stitch, so progress on the piece, once the double running foreground is all laid in will be very dull to watch for a while. Good thing I have other content lined up.

I am however less than pleased with the Zoundry Raven blogging composition software I’ve been using. The last few posts have killed it. I can get them composed and loaded if I do all the work in one session, but I can’t call up a previously started piece for additional work – not even to copy out text and recompose in a new post. That means that I’ll have to re-draft the next several Long Lost Twins pieces. Stay tuned!

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  1. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like that band at first, but I think that it looks very nice when completed. I definately agree whole-heartedly that this band would look super on sleeves or a coif. I think it would look better on the sleeves as it would be vertical runnings, where coifs seem to have a less linear pattern that is all over, vrs a non-interacting pattern that would be run in strips. I guess it could be modified to make it all a interweaving continual pattern instead of just strips, but that would require a definate change in the pattern and make it much more complex. Oh well, forgive my ramblings, lol……

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