And more progress on the stole.  As I said before, we’re on the downhill leg of this journey – the challenges are all now put to bed, and things are just sailing along:


Here’s the whole thing, folded on the bed, just to prove that I’m not unraveling from the beginning end.  This is a king-size bed, so you can imagine how long the thing is now!


I anticipate finishing up by the coming weekend, latest.  Blocking however will have to wait.  I’ve got no soft surfaces in this apartment large enough to do it, since pins don’t stick well in bare marble floors.

Next?  Not sure.  I’ve got a lot of stitching I want to do, but before that, I’ve been asked to consider doing up the pattern for the scarf I use as my avatar photo on Nimblestix and Ravelry:


To do that I’d need to roll up my sleeves and figure out what the heck I did.  Also do the graphs.  I adapted this from designs in the Duchrow books, and considerable reinterpretation into modern notation was necessary.  But what I won’t have would be yarn quantities – the scarf is at home on the other side of the world.

So the question – would a pattern without yarn quantities be useful?  Would you be interested in knitting up something like this?

3 responses

  1. Yes! In fact I’m looking at it trying to figure out how it’s made.

    1. It’s a center strip knit across the short dimension, with a row-count coordinated edging worked off it, using the “pull loop” method of attachment. The edging’s corners are mitered. The lace itself employs a lot of double YOs.

  2. Absolutely. I’m sure every collector of yarn has a pile of something somewhere that seems to have endless yardage. Or nearly so. I myself have at least 5 giant quantities of laceweight yarn sitting around waiting for a project…

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