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Well, here I am on row 157 of Dozen, with about another 20 or so to go. 


It’s a wild zaggedy thing, for sure.  I also have to say that this is the last picture I’ll be posting of the thing spread out until I’m all finished and bound off.  I lost 30 or so stitches in pinning this, and am not relishing going back the five or six rounds I need to now, in order to rescue them.

The directions end with a plain bind-off.  I’m not going to do that.  Instead, I’m planning on knitting an edging onto the live stitches.  Which one, I’m not sure yet.  It needs a very solid element in order to frame all this wild zappage, along with some sort of coordinating triangle or dag to carry the theme forward.  I may end up having to cobble something together, or design my own to work with the last row’s stitch count. 

Am I pleased with the result so far?  Yes and no.  I’m having fun knitting this, but I have to say that I now that I see it all expanded, I think that the outermost 20 or so rounds shown above are too textured, and detract from the star-like center. 

Off to perform CPR on those 30 stitches…


And more progress on the stole.  As I said before, we’re on the downhill leg of this journey – the challenges are all now put to bed, and things are just sailing along:


Here’s the whole thing, folded on the bed, just to prove that I’m not unraveling from the beginning end.  This is a king-size bed, so you can imagine how long the thing is now!


I anticipate finishing up by the coming weekend, latest.  Blocking however will have to wait.  I’ve got no soft surfaces in this apartment large enough to do it, since pins don’t stick well in bare marble floors.

Next?  Not sure.  I’ve got a lot of stitching I want to do, but before that, I’ve been asked to consider doing up the pattern for the scarf I use as my avatar photo on Nimblestix and Ravelry:


To do that I’d need to roll up my sleeves and figure out what the heck I did.  Also do the graphs.  I adapted this from designs in the Duchrow books, and considerable reinterpretation into modern notation was necessary.  But what I won’t have would be yarn quantities – the scarf is at home on the other side of the world.

So the question – would a pattern without yarn quantities be useful?  Would you be interested in knitting up something like this?


A semi-quiet weekend here at String. 

First, progress on my Dragon Stole, which I’ve modded to include the central undine from its pattern’s ultimate ancestor:


Mods include the star above the beastie’s eye, the large flower in front of it, and beginning of the mermaid at the right. 

You can see that my spool of Valley Yarns Tencel 8/2 has been barely diminished by all this knitting.  The tencel is quite easy to work with, a bit slippery compared to cotton (which for me is a good thing), but less slippery than rayon.  It doesn’t roll back on itself to kink, even coming off the cone.  Being about half done at this point, I estimate that my cone, claimed by Webs to have 3360 yards on it, will be ample for 8-10 shawls of this size.  At around $25 for the cone, I’d rate it as a very good buy. Aside – if you’re budget challenged or packing for an extended stay somewhere, consider taking up lace knitting.  Lace offers the most knitting satisfaction per dollar invested on materials, and per square inch of suitcase space.


Then, coincident with the Indian nation’s Republic Day, Younger Daughter’s school had their annual field day – a morning of track and field events pitting the Indus International School’s various houses against each other.  Phoenix, Orion, Hercules, and Pegasus have vied all year for points in academics, debating, deportment, and sporting events, just like at Hogwarts.  Field day is the culmination of the annual competition.

Assignment to the houses appears to be pretty arbitrary, no sorting hat here.  Younger Daughter was shuffled off to Hercules on the whim of the admitting administrator.  Hercules took first place in the day’s marching.  Here they are, behind their blue flag:


Perhaps the most fun of the day was the kids vs. faculty tug of war, where (no surprise) the myrmidons of the massed houses triumphed over their long-suffering teachers.  Younger Daughter’s sense of triumph is palpable:


Phoenix house won the 2012 house trophy.  I hear the kids are already plotting new domination strategies for 2013.

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