Well, here I am on row 157 of Dozen, with about another 20 or so to go. 


It’s a wild zaggedy thing, for sure.  I also have to say that this is the last picture I’ll be posting of the thing spread out until I’m all finished and bound off.  I lost 30 or so stitches in pinning this, and am not relishing going back the five or six rounds I need to now, in order to rescue them.

The directions end with a plain bind-off.  I’m not going to do that.  Instead, I’m planning on knitting an edging onto the live stitches.  Which one, I’m not sure yet.  It needs a very solid element in order to frame all this wild zappage, along with some sort of coordinating triangle or dag to carry the theme forward.  I may end up having to cobble something together, or design my own to work with the last row’s stitch count. 

Am I pleased with the result so far?  Yes and no.  I’m having fun knitting this, but I have to say that I now that I see it all expanded, I think that the outermost 20 or so rounds shown above are too textured, and detract from the star-like center. 

Off to perform CPR on those 30 stitches…

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