It’s finished.  Not blocked, but done.


I can’t block it here – there’s no place for me to pin it out, the floors being marble and the beds being too small.  I had a lot of fun with this, both working from the original MMarioKnits design, and adding in the center mermaid, from the Renaissance graph that descended to MMario, via his Victorian era source.

Finished pre-block dimension:  approximately 90 inches x 22.5 inches (228.6cm x 57.2cm).  With very little coaxing this will block out to at least 100 inches x 25 inches.

I can’t give an approximation of yarn consumption.  I worked from a cone of Valley Yarns 8/2 Tencel.  I have more than half the cone left, although I don’t have a scale to weigh it to confirm the quantity.  I enjoyed the yarn – it was smooth, evenly spun, shiny and well behaved throughout. It never kinked or came off the cone in tangles.  Although most people use it for weaving, I’d recommend it highly for lace knitting, for its lush, silk like luster; its handling, and finished fabric texture; and for its excellent value.  I’d buy it again, for sure.

I’m not sure what’s next.  I saw extremely little interest in my offer to graph up and possibly re-knit the doodle scarf.  That’s a lot of work, so I will probably skip it unless there’s an outcry of desire.

I may play more with this style of filet knitting, mess with something from one of the lace books I brought with me. I may take a side trip into filet crochet, do some stitching – or I may do something else entirely.  The possibilities are endless.  Or at least as deep as my box of refugee’s needlework supplies. Stay tuned!

2 responses

  1. I’m astonished you finished it so soon, given the technique. Even unblocked, it’s a stunner! I’m sure some wear will soften it up — not to full blocking, but enough to even it out a bit. I had assumed that Tencel meant it was silk. I guess it’s a faux silk–love the color! (you know me and green!)

    Filet crochet might be a nice next project. You’re spoilt for choice with patterns, especially if you use patterns from “Flowers of the Needle” (shameless plug)


  2. I can’t really knit, so am impressed by the pretty

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