Well, having finished the Dragon Stole by the prolific MmarioKnits, I thought it would be helpful if I gave back a bit.  So I decided to test-knit one of his newer patterns.  Mmario appears to design on paper, spewing out lace patterns like rain from a garden sprinkler, in dazzling abundance.  Then a coterie of the faithful test-knit the patterns.  Their efforts provide the photos that accompany the designs, and they catch errors or discrepancies in the directions.  I chose “Dozens” – a 12-panel shawl, for which I saw no prior testing effort.  Dozens isn’t available yet on Ravelry – just on the MmarioKnits test-knitting group on Yahoo.

Here are the first 60 or so rows, roughly spread out on two circs and pinned so you can see the detail:


I found a correction, dutifully sent in and now present in the pattern’s master.  I am hoping that I haven’t committed any mistakes yet, although I do see one awkward bit that I’m hoping will block out (the stitches are correct, just bumpy).  I’m another 20 or so rows past this point now, so additional pix will follow soon.

I’m enjoying this – knitting up a “mystery project” for which I have no prior pix is fun.  I find myself looking forward to seeing what each new pattern segment adds to the growing pile.

For yarn, I’m using Elann.com Peruvian Baby Lace Merino – a gift from Long Time Needlework Pal and Co-Enabler, Kathryn.  The Tapestry Blue color rather more of a medium blue than the light Wedgewood it looks like in the flash photo above.  I chose it because I had plenty, it’s a very nice, stretchy, uniform, two-ply laceweight, and will photograph well, unlike the mass of black and navy lace yarn I also brought.  (Aside:  I’m saving a huge 4189 yard hank of Jaggerspun Main Line 2/20 in black for the Sharon Miller Princess Shawl. I bought that pattern a while back, and have saved it for The Right Knitting Moment.  I’ve got it here in my India survival kit, too.)

For aids, I’m working with twelve small markers, and have the PDF on my iPad, where I’m making annotations as I go using PDF Max Pro.  It’s one of may PDF annotation apps.  I happened to luck into it for free via the  AppsGoneFree app.  Other PDF reading/management apps occasionally appear there, too.

In other news, I have now golfed here in Pune.  No holes or flags need fear my approach shots.  The Resident Male however was quite deadly on the course this weekend past.

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  1. It looks like it’s going to be beautiful! Well done and quickly….

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