The stitching on my Two Fish piece is now complete.  The only things left to do are to iron out the pleats from mounting on the stretcher bars, and having it framed.  20180826_131157

And a close-up:


For those who wanted something to better illustrate the scale of the stitching, here’s a standard US penny on the work:


For the record, the recipient is so pleased with the thing that we’ve decided to keep it here in the house, rather than consigning it to the beach place.  Eventually, after framing, it will end up in our bedroom.


9 responses

  1. Congratulations on the lovely piece! I’ve so enjoyed following your progress. Thank you so much for sharing. -Cindy

  2. Hurray, Love a finish! Glad the recipient loved it. Is this design from a Japanese stencil for katazome?

    1. No, although it does use some traditional elements. I manipulated some clip art for the koi, changing proportions and details before rotating and pasting the second. The wave pattern is from a Japanese book of water designs, published about 100 years ago. The composition of the elements and fill choices/use are all mine. More details on both can be found by reading back through the earlier posts.

  3. Ocksana Haywood | Reply

    Exquisitely faultless from design to completion and inspirational to all Embroiderers. Just imagine Embroiderers finding this in a hundred years time and wanting the pattern for it. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. This is so beautiful! Congratulations. Design and execution both perfect. Thanks for sharing the journey with us mere mortals.

  6. It’s been fun watching this project develop and congrats on getting it finished! It’s beautiful.

  7. Michelle Castanon | Reply

    What a beautiful piece. I can see the movement in the fish. Stunning.

  8. […] Two Fish. No astrological connection, just two koi circling on couched gold water. Indigo and deep green silk on 40 count linen […]

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