A breather after the last rather involved and challenging to count Gameroom panel!

Grape Balloons is another original, loosely based on a historical pattern family. Bands or horizontal columns with lozenges and/or striations are pretty common in strapwork of the late 1500s to 1600s, as are grape clusters. But sprigging them together this way is something I doodled up.
This one should be comparatively easy to stitch, especially after the last no-repeat panel. All you need to do is remember that the slanting bands on the center rod mirror – everything else is a simple flip, either up/down or left/right – no tricky half-drops, or meanders.

134 stitches wide x 16 stitches tall. 2 blank rows left between this and the following strip. If worked as a stand-alone continuous band, one full repeat in 17 units.

SamplesFabric UsedStitchThread Consumption/
28 count evenweaveBack stitch, 1 plyAbout 2 yards
of floss
18 count AidaBack stitch, 1 plyAbout 3 yards of variegated thread
(not floss)
28 count evenweaveBack stitch, 1 ply
28 count evenweaveDouble running,
2 plies
About 1.25 yards
of light blue,
0.5 yards of light
red, scraps of red.
Top to bottom: Renditions by Beta Testers Heather, Danielle, and Callie; plus Kim

As usual this band plus working notes and hints has been appended to the write-up on the SAL page, accessible via this link or via the tab at the top of every page here on String-or-Nothing.

If you are working our Epic Fandom SAL either as a whole or as a strip excerpt, please let me know. It gives me great joy to see how my “pattern children” fare out in the wide, wide world, especially when they meet up with creative, playful people.

Band 7 was released today in the Enablers Facebook group feed, and will be echoed here on or about 21 December.


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