Our salute to Retro-Futurism! Slap wings on that SUV and take to the skies. I am dating myself, but I can confess that we kids of the late 1950s/early 1960s were convinced we’d have flying cars by the time we had our own kids, and would be vacationing in orbit or on the moon. But the whole personal computer and Internet revolution, and the phone-in-every-pocket transformation weren’t even on our radar. Just as well. Computer/phone crashes are far less painful than having one’s flying car fall out of the sky.

Time Factor 2, mostly for height and discontinuity (the motifs are separated, and the wind/speed lines present lots of annoying little “orphan islands” to stitch).

134 stitches wide x 15 stitches tall. 2 blank rows left between this and the following strip. If worked as a stand-alone continuous band, one full repeat in 28 units. Note that this strip isn’t exactly centered. I moved the placement in order to squeeze three whole autos into our allotted area.

Use one color, multiple colors, or variegated threads, as you prefer.  As with the rest of Epic, there are no rules or must-do approaches.

As usual this band plus working notes and hints has been appended to the bottom of the write-up on the SAL page, accessible via this link or via the tab at the top of every page here on String-or-Nothing.

If you are working our Epic Fandom SAL either as a whole or as a strip excerpt, please let me know. It gives me great joy to see how my “pattern children” fare out in the wide, wide world, especially when they meet up with creative, playful people. And if you give permission, I’d be happy to share your pix of this developing sampler, it in its finished state, or derivative projects including one or more of the Epic bands here on String, in a gallery post, with full credit to you as interpretive artist.

Band 13 debuted on the Facebook Enablers group on 12 April. Band 14 will premiere there on 10 May, and be echoed here on 24 May 2022.


3 responses

  1. During the summer on the Cape I have occasionally amused myself contemplating what a 3 dimensional Cape traffic jam of flying cars.

    1. I’ve been stuck in those jams and had the same vision. 🙂 We generally head out in off times, leaving before 7:00am on a Saturday, and not stopping for breakfast until we are over the Sagamore Bridge.

  2. That is a lovely design. I’m not usually a stitcher- more of a knitter – but, your wonderful design is tempting me to see if my arthritic hands would permit me to stitch a book mark. It could be useful reminder that we are, in fact, still waiting for our flying cars. It’s also surprisingly timely as there was a story on a very promising looking flying car on the news last night, here in New Zealand the PAL-V Liberty. While l was googling to find the name, l discovered that a different one, a hybrid car-aircraft, called AirCar has completed testing and actually been given a certificate of airworthiness by the Slovak Transport Authority. Who knows perhaps our retirements will be more exciting and at a higher altitude than planned. 😁

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