Just spent the morning answering questions over on wiseNeedle, so forgive me for cutting today’s post short. Feel free to ask (or answer) questions on knitting technique over there.

Dragon Skin Rogue

I’m surprised no one noticed the discontinuity in the Little Dragon Skin graph I posted yesterday. It’s not as elegant a pattern as its big brother because there’s a break in the lines formed by the decreases and increases when the chart replicates after Row #11. I haven’t decided if I like it yet. The swatch looked o.k., but I need to see it larger. I may end up ripping back the body if I’m less than pleased.

Here’s the obligatory Wiggly Worm Photo of a piece just aborning. Proof positive that I’ve actually cast on and am working on the thing:

You can see the white string of the provisional cast-on, the ten tons of markers keeping me on track (my new silver ones mark the center back, plus the beginning and end of the two cable detail side panels; the older beaded ones mark the dragon skin repeats). I am about to start one of the side panels, and my cardigan split is on the right, where the extra crocheted chain trails off.

I’m using Almedahls Texas. It’s a 100% cotton in faded denim type colors (50g, 105m, color #30). I’m already fearing running out of the stuff as The little bit you see – about two inches of hem facing plus four rows of the main body) is more than half of the first ball. That’s in spite of having 18 balls – about 2060 yards, which should be a ton. In theory…

I can say that this is NOT my favorite cotton yarn. It’s multi-ply, with the multiple plies only loosely wound together. It splits like crazy, and is about as inelastic as cotton comes. It’s nice and light for a cotton though, and shouldn’t have the leaden drape of many worsted weight cottons. Very soft, too. Between the softness and blue color, I can see why Target Daughter picked it from my stash.

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