A while back I stitched up this piece, both as a tribute to Hitchhiker’s Guide, and as a bit of inspiration for my office. I’m a proposal specialist – managing short deadlines and general panic are my stock in trade.

When I posted this on Facebook last Friday, I got several requests for the chart. So, tweaking memory dormant since 2009, I drafted one up.

I make this chart freely available for YOUR OWN PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE.  Consider it as “good-deed-ware.”  It’s tough out there right now.  Pay this gift forward by helping out someone else in need; phoning or getting in touch with a family member, friend or neighbor who could use a cheerful contact; volunteering time or effort; or if you can afford it – donating to one of the many local relief charities or food banks that are helping those displaced from work right now.


Eventually I will add this to the Embroidery Patterns page tabbed above. But for the time being – be safe, stay well, and care for those whom you love.


11 responses

  1. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, and take care, yourself!

  3. Thank you so much!!

  4. Thanks so much for the Don’t Panic chart. A project for the isolated days ahead.

  5. Thank you! Most apposite, and it brought a smile. Keep well, everyone!

  6. Gee, and I was going to do a “wash you’re fucking hands”…. Thanks

    1. Go for it! The washrooms of the world need more stridency!

  7. Megan McConnell | Reply

    Thank you so much for offering this! Another way to have fun whilst Self-Isolating and #CoronaCrafting

  8. Thanks so much! It’s quite appropriate…

  9. I stitched it. If I can figure out how to upload it, feel free to add it to the blog.

    1. Anne – Wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing it. But I do not enable uploads via the blog. You’ll have to email it to me. My email address is described on the About page, reachable via the tab at the top of every String page. Very excited!

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