While I am still struggling with the release of The Second Carolingian Modelbook at an affordable price point, other doodling has not ceased. I took a look at my notebooks and decided that enough had piled up to make a sequel to my free book of linear designs. And so I present Ensamplario Atlantio II.

This one contains over 225 designs. Most are for the filling patterns used for inhabited blackwork (the outlines plus fillings style pictured on the cover), or for all-over patterning:

Some sport small motifs that can be scattered either at the represented or wider spacing:

Others can be repeated to make strips or borders:

And some are just silly:

There are also longer repeats specifically meant to be borders

Finally, there are two yokes meant for collar openings, but if I tease everything here there will be nothing left.

Click to download –> Ensamplario-Atlantio-II  <–
in PDF format (9 MB)

Although Ensamplario Atlantio II is free, I beg you to respect my author’s rights. These designs are intended for individual, non-commercial use. Please do not repost the book or its constituent pages elsewhere. If you want to use its designs in a piece or a pattern you intend to sell, please contact me for licensing. Other than that, please have fun with them.

And (hint, hint) I ALWAYS like to see the mischief the pattern children attempt out there in the wild world. Feel free to send a photo of anything you make from any of my designs. If you give permission, I’ll post it here, too.


For those who want more and wonder where the first volume of this series is, no worries. Pop over here to download the constituent parts of the original Ensamplario Atlantio. Why four parts then, but one big download now? When EnsAtl first came out downloading a doc that big was more of a problem for some, so I snipped it into pieces for ease of retrieval. I don’t need to do that anymore.

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  1. Dorothy C Hartel | Reply

    Can I share this to my FB EGA page? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Kim, my flabber has definitely been gasted with your kindness and generosity, E.A volume two is greatly appreciated. It’s a rare thing these days, when money rules the world, to have such a collection presented free and gratis, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! I’ve already seen about fifty patterns I love, and especially love the voided ones, as I am addicted to them. I am waiting to get my cataracts done here in the UK, and as soon as I can see small detail again, I will be up and at ’em ! Best Wishes and thanks again, Julia

  3. How Marvelous! The patterns are terrific. Thank you for your kind generosity. You have brought much joy to us, once again. May I also share this on Facebook?

    1. Thanks! Sure, share away!

  4. Woohoo! Many, many thanks!

  5. Another Great Book!

  6. Thank you so much for these patterns.
    I particularly love the fishies and the snakes – it’s nice to be able to include some whimsy.

    1. Thanks! Sometime silly is what’s needed. I’m betting that the snakes will be among the first designs stitched. And I’m looking forward to seeing pieces done using these designs.

  7. May I share the link to this blog post in our Sampler Guild newsletter, please? This looks like a great addition to the files of our Blackwork lovers.

    1. Sure. Links are greatly appreciated. Happy stitching!

  8. Lois Reynolds / Anne of Hatfield OL | Reply

    Ianthe: you are an incredibly generous creator of beautiful and fun designs. That you give them away is beyond generous!
    I will echo her request to respect her intellectual rights. Please don’t stitch her designs and sell the work without contacting her for permission.

  9. Hi. I recently started a facebook group – The Blackwork Embroidery Appreciation Society, would it be okay to post a link to this page/to pdf’s there please? You will of course be credited, many thanks!

    1. Sure. I’d also be interested in visiting if I may.

  10. I’d love to see you there – it’s quite new so there are only about 100 members so far but I’d really like it to be a place where blackwork lovers can find inspiration, share their work, gain advice etc etc, I have admired your hard work and creativity for many years!

  11. […] Since I am planning for 15 or so stitches per inch, my cover is about 3.5″ wide and 5.5″ tall. If I do a single repeat on each cover I will have room for play. My total field is about 52 stitches across x 82 stitches tall. Even if I subtract some for a border, there’s room for one of the larger repeats from Ensamplario Atlantio, or Ensamplario Atlantio II. […]

  12. […] And I am liking this fill. A lot. I may have to use it again. Possibly in combo with border I designed to match. Both are in my free book, Ensamplario Atlantio II. […]

  13. Thank you for the 2nd volume of patterns!

    1. You are welcome! Already started on a third collection. And (as always) trying to prep the pay-for book of researched, redacted designs to get it out there into the wide, wide world.

  14. […] Ramzi’s Patternmakercharts.blogspot.com collection. The border is from my recently released Ensamplario Atlantio II, a free collection of linear designs – mostly blackwork fills and […]

  15. This is a spectacular resource, thank you so much!

  16. Thank you so much for these patterns! They have given me some ideas for samplers to sew whilst we are in lockdown. You are very generous and it is much appreciated at this time. Xxx

  17. […] on the designs I used. Both are from my latest freebie book Ensamplario Atlantio II. The blue mask with the chain like interlaces is Design #195 in that book. And yes – I chose […]

  18. Deb Thomas Wilton | Reply

    I just found this and I am overwhelmed by your generosity in sharing so many designs. Thank you, thank you! Embroidery has been my sanity saver during the last few months.

  19. […] excuse is that I drew it in the run-up to the 2019 Halloween season, adapting it from a design in Ensamplario Atlantio II, one of my free books of blackwork fills and borders. Plus, we should only ignore those who adore […]

  20. […] the record, the leaf and twist border is available in Ensamplario Atlantio II. The alphabet used for the initial caps is from Ramzi’s Patternmaker collection of pre-1920s […]

  21. […] Ensamplario Atlantio Volume II. More fills, plus some strip designs and yokes. 90% original (exceptions are footnoted). In one file this time, as technology marched on since publication of the first. […]

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